She learned a long time ago that working with animals is good for the heart and soul, and Aimee understands that she is often learning just as much from the animals as they are learning from her. She hopes to teach others and let them experience this fascinating world of training and dog behavior. She wants to improve the human-dog relationship through fun and interesting interactions.

Besides animal training Aimee enjoys mountain biking, hiking, swimming, scuba diving, free diving, wire wrapping, painting, beach combing, and working with driftwood.

Aimee Brown has been an animal lover her entire life. She has been working in the professional animal training field for more than 20 years and has had hands on experience with a variety of species including bottlenose dolphins, sea lions, seals, river otters, tropical birds, horses and man's best friend….dogs!

Aimee is continuously educating herself through working with a variety of animal species, reading books and articles about behavior and training,  and attending seminars and watching webinars

Dogs are meant to be with us for a lifetime, and a well behaved dog will be a wonderful family member and partner for many many years. The best way is to get started out on the right foot and get training and keep training! Your dog will love you for it! 

For the last 11 years, Aimee and her husband Barry have been living and working in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles where she is a senior dolphin trainer. It is these many years of working with marine mammals that gives Aimee exceptional experience working in positive reinforcement behavioral methods.

About Aimee

Training methods have been changing through the years as well. We now know and understand the benefits of positive reinforcement training. Aimee's training foundation is operant conditioning and positive reinforcement is at its core. She believes it is her job to be the dog's (and the human's) teacher, always showing concern for their physical and mental well being. Through her years of experience with dolphin training and the use of whistles as behavioral markers, Aimee's preferred method of training is with the clicker. The clicker gives the trainer the ability to precisely mark the moment the dog has done something correct and that reinforcement is coming soon. It allows the trainer to break down behaviors into simple steps so that the dog stays motivated and interested in learning.

In her spare time, Aimee works with a non-profit street dog organization called CARF (Curacao Animal Rights Foundation). It is program for rescuing, rehabilitating, fostering, training and homing local island street dogs. She can see first hand that if the dog has a basic understanding of good manners it is much more likely to be adopted and much more likely to stay in its adopted home.  She puts her experience to good use for these dogs in need.

Aimee believes dog behavior is both interesting and important. It is not with words that dogs communicate with us but with body language; we just need to learn to pay attention and listen in order to understand. Dogs have been living, changing and learning alongside mankind for a long, long time and this has lead to an incredible, human-focused social creature.