Thank you so much! It's been great to have your help and guidance, we are truly grateful to have met you and have you in our lives... Thank you for your desire to help, the way that you approach dog training is unique and beneficial. Matthew McPherson

Aimee is one of the most dedicated, knowledgable and enthusiastic trainers I know. If you are looking to foster and build a working relationship with your dog Trainingfido is your business! I Can't say enough good! Kathy Sjomeling

I met Aimee when I just started working at Dolphin Academy in Curacao. As a very green rookie I was in awe about her story's on her work with Marine Mammals , her experience and knowledge. Very soon in our starting friendship we found out we both love dogs, trainings, behavior and positive reinforcement! All those years we hiked together, trained together, had fun together and I learned so much from her! I was very sad to see her leave the island, as I would miss a very valuable friend, ex-co worker and trainer. But also the island would miss her immense kindness, patience, knowledge and understanding of behavior and how to alter behavior in a fun, positive way! Till this day, I owe so many of my greatest memories of my time on Curacao to her. Her enthousiasm for training got me more hooked then I already was. I do have to say, even to this day, not seeing each other so much anymore and being so far apart... she is still the one that will infect you with her unexplainable energy, positive attitude, respect for humans and animals. When there is a difficult case in my dog school, or I find it difficult to get a message across to a person, she is still the one that will have great new thoughts, idea's, solutions and like it or not.... you will bounce around, ready to give it another try the second your conversation with her ends. After all these years of running my own company with Daycare, Walking Servics, Boarding and Dog-training, she is still the one I would love to be in class with, just because it is always fun, informative and positive! Writing this almost made my book a ticket to the USA, seriously! Aimee, we miss you, but boy do I know how many people you will help! They sure are lucky to have you! xxx Eveline & your/my fury friend Yuka (Holland/ Curacao) ​Eveline Reints

Today is an exciting day. Molly passed her final exam...

You may remember my new horse, Molly. I acquired her in March, a rescue of sorts. She's a dream under saddle, but after a short time, we found out she has some issues. She became attached to John's horse, Lit'l Bit. So much so, that if they were apart, she turned into an anxious, wild maniac! The worst of it was when she blew up in the trailer. It's a miracle she didn't hurt herself. At that point I knew I needed help.

I've been around horses most of my life. I guess I've been lucky to have well trained horses. My old mare, Sara, spoiled me rotten. I didn't have the skill set to work with Molly so I asked around for a trainer. My friend, Tarri, recommended her friend, Aimee Brown.

The thing is, Aimee is a dolphin trainer. What??! I was very hesitant but gave her a call. Ends up she has worked with lots of mammals, including horses. And uses the same method as with dolphins. Aimee is professional and kind. I knew right away she could help.

Long story short, she taught ME how to work with Molly's issues. I spent the entire summer working with her. A few minutes almost every day. She bonded with me. She built up her confidence. She learned that training is fun. She became calm, eager, and trustworthy.

We worked on a lot of stuff before we re-introduced the trailer. Little by little she became more calm and confident in it. I taught her to go in and out on command, and to stand still in it. We decided it would be best to put Lit'l Bit in first. Then Molly. Then Lit'l Bit, and Molly tied in. Today, we closed the door. She was a champ! As I celebrated with her, she just looked at me, like, what's the big deal? 

I'm definitely looking forward to our many rides in Custer State Park...
Darcy Bracken

Aimee is an amazing trainer. After just one session I already had a closer connection with my dog Maizey and multiple new training techniques to help me engage Maizey. Each session, I continued to see progress in both myself & Maizey. Traditional training just wasn't able to work in my crazy schedule, having Aimee come to my house was perfect. I just wish I had learned about Aimee sooner. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with your furry best friend.  - Beck Pryor

When I first contacted Aimee I was under the impression that she would be teaching Pepper all the things that she should be or not be doing, but the reality has been that she has taught me how to understand my dog and how to best teach her all the things that I want or do not want her to do. I think that Pepper and I bonded very quickly when I first got her but after we started working with you I realized that our relationship is far more than just bonding, but that you have been teaching both of us what the other wanted and needed. You have been teaching Pepper what I want from her and teaching me what Pepper wants from me and the best way to fulfill these needs on both sides. 

I have known Aimee for many years and have not only been a student of hers, I have followed her career through the years in her travels.  She cares deeply about all she does, not only about training the skills needed, but about the relationship between the species.  She is an excellent teacher that listens, observes and formulates a plan to achieve the objective necessary.  I think her best quality is being able to communicate with the people and animals that she is working with.  She is easy to talk to, quick to laugh and her skills, training and results are absolutely top notch. Tarri Sorenson


​​​As a first-time rescue dog owner, I was at a loss as to help my rescue dog with some behavioral issues.  He seemed to hate other dogs.  I was fortunate enough to get Aimee Brown's name.  She is an excellent trainer.  She is knowledgeable, as well as patient and kind as she teaches.  It is obvious that she loves what she does, and that makes her a positive joy to work with.  She has encouraged me that I can teach my dog to get along with others, as well as giving me the control of the situation I needed.  
Thanks much, 

Hi Aimee, I just wanted to let you know what Oscar did. My son has baseball practice tonight at the Post 320 field over by storybook island. While I was waiting for him I took Oscar for a walk on the bike path. We met 2 joggers, 2 bikers, 4 or 5 walkers. Absolutely no reaction! I had the treats and clicker ready. It was so fun to be able to take him for a walk. Thanks so much for your training us!  Jodie

I had the pleasure of meeting Aimee when I was volunteering at CARF, in Curacao. As a trainer/behaviorist, I was impressed with Aimee’s desire to truly help these dogs overcome their issues. Trust, compassion, and understanding canine behavior are critical. Fortunately, Aimee possesses every one of these traits. We worked with some difficult dog behaviors, and Aimee was always willing to understand the dog, and assist them with compassion and understanding. I highly recommend her for any owner looking to help their dogs. Thommy Harley Canine Compassion Healing and Training Delray Beach, Florida