Photo Gallery

‚ÄčThe photos above are but a small window into our adventurous Caribbean life on the island of Curacao where we have been living and working for the past 11 years. My husband Barry is a professional underwater photographer and works for a company called "Substation Curacao" which in short is a mini-submersible that goes down to 1000 feet! Barry is one of the Ambassadors for Ikelite underwater systems, has been published in hundreds of magazines and currently has a brain-coral/letter alphabet on display at the Smithsonian Institution.

For the past 11 years I have worked with dolphins at the Curacao Sea Aquarium in many facets including Dolphin Therapy and Dolphin Academy. This involves training a variety of behaviors; from research to movies, from tourist programs to presentations. One fantastic program that we offer is our open water program, where we take dolphins from our lagoons out to the reef for presentations, dives and research. There are few dolphin facilities around the world which offer such a unique program.

When not at work, we enjoy exploring the island with our dogs, Inca and Indi, collecting driftwood and beach combing. After the sun goes down, we take our hiking shoes off and put our diving fins on and head out to the sea for some more exploring. Many times Barry has me search for a nice octopus or fish and we do a photoshoot for Ikelite or other diving magazines. Life is certainly not boring!